Burrito Loco

Fresh Tex-Mex for 10+ years!

Reader's Choice #1 Mexican Restaurant 2013 & 2015

What is Fresh Tex-Mex?

Fresh Tex-Mex means everything that you eat is seasoned and cooked in-house ...... from our Texas Salsa to our Spicy Chicken. Vegetables delivered straight from the Farmers Market! That means our Chipotle Salsa and Pico de Gallo are made with vine ripened tomatoes, fresh cilantro and onions.  Our Fish Tacos are topped with freshly cut cabbage.  And it most definitely means our Guacamole is only made with real Avocados and doesn't come out of a bag.

We learned a long time ago Fresh Ingredients means Heathier/Better Tasting Food.

Customer Reviews

"Best Tex-Mex around. I love this place! Great customer service and quick with your orders. You don't wait long at all and it's healthy!" -- Blake, Covington

"Truly one of the best tex-mex eateries in town. Great food, at fast speeds. Great atmosphere to enjoy lunch or just watch a game. Eat there at least once a week. Actually heading there now." -- Bob, Covington